Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Tis the season for football, back-to-school, and prepping your home for winter. Use these tips to save $ and show your neighbors who's boss!

  • Adjustable Mower? Cut Your Grass One Setting Lower

​When it comes to the last mow of the year, lower your mower blade one notch. This will benefit the lawn greatly by increasing airflow and moisture access throughout the winter months.

  • Clean and Stow Your Lawn Mower

Blow and rinse the mower to get all the debris off before stowing. If there's still gas in the tank, add an additive (Home Depot or Lowes) that will preserve the fluid.

  • Remove Garden Hoses from Faucets

To avoid frozen spigots and costly repairs, unscrew those hoses! Also, store your hoses in the garage or basement to avoid damage during deep freezes.

  • Schedule Your Sprinkler Blowout

Call a professional and have them use compressed air to blow-out each zone of your sprinkler system. Costs between $30-$50.

  • Caulk and Seal Air Leaks

Nobody enjoys a draft. Inspect each window inside & out and look for cracked caulking along the edges. Run a bead of sealant along these areas and enjoy the comforts of warmth!

  • Check Your Gutters and Clean Out Debris

Depending on the number of trees nearby, this may not be a big issue. Loaded gutters can cause misdirected water-flow; clean them out or watch for a new water feature.

  • Have Your Furnace Serviced

Call a professional and have them service your system before running the heat. Costs between $60-$120.

  • Prune and Winterize Plants

Cut the grasses back, cover delicate plants, and look for anything else needing a trim.

  • Rake and Bag Your Leaves

Each tree drops leaves at a different time. Save time by purchasing a leaf sucker that mulches. Rake into piles and suck away!

  • Make Sure Your Fireplace is Ready to Go

Who doesn't like the flicker and warmth of a fireplace in winter. Turn on the gas (if it was shut off) and make sure it kicks on. If it clicks and does not ignite, call a professional to get it working.

Whew! Now go relax, your house is in order. Happy Fall, time for some hot cider.

Troy & Nikki

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