10 Wacky Colorado Facts

Okay... full disclosure, some of these "facts" are hard to prove, but multiple sources claim Colorado is where they originated. Pepper these in to your next trivia night!

  1. "Cheeseburger" was coined by Denver's own Louise Ballast in 1935. The Humpty Dumpty Drive-In is where it all began.

  1. Over 60,000 Canadian geese descend on Fort Collins every year to escape the harsh winters of the North. "Why did the geese cross the road? Because they own it!!" These birds have no problem stopping traffic to move their families around.

  1. Curious where the "Pinto Bean Capitol of the World" is? Dove Creek, Colorado claims to produce more pinto beans than anywhere else in the world. The western slope continues to amaze me!

  1. Colorado resident, Bill Harmsen, invented the Jolly Rancher in 1949. Next time you enjoy this sweet little treat, hold your head high with state pride.

  1. Seriously, alligators in Colorado!? It's true, the Colorado Gator Farm is one of the world's largest! Due to a geothermal well, water temperatures on this land provide perfect conditions for this reptile park.

  1. Colfax Avenue in Denver is considered the longest continuous street in the United States. Things that make you go, hmmm...

  1. Old Town, Fort Collins inspired one of the most iconic places in the world - Main Street USA, Disneyland. Co-creator Harper Goff grew up in FoCo and melded characteristics of it with Walt Disney's hometown of Marcelne, MO.

  1. Love skiing? Of course you do! Did you know the highest ski lift in America can be found at Breckenridge resort? Next time you're at this world-class park, hitch a ride on the Express Superchair and start your run 13,000 ft above sea level.

  1. Castles in Colorado... yep! Bishop Castle, nestled in the hills near Pueblo, CO is one of the largest, self-built castles in the US. Who knew?!

  1. Teddy Bears got their start in this great state of ours too! Word on the street is that maids in Glenwood Springs crafted the first bear stuffed animal as a gift for our 26th President - Teddy Roosevelt.

Well, there it is. 10 fun facts about Colorado that hopefully took you by surprise. Since you made it this far, did you know it's illegal in Boulder to herd pigs? How's that for #11?!

Troy & Nikki

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