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The Future Is Here.

Thanks to RealScout, searching for Real Estate will never be the same. This game-changing tool and algorithm has set the proverbial industry "bar" and is garnering rave reviews.

Exclusively offered by Realtors at The Group Inc. Real Estate in northern Colorado, searching for your next home just got interesting. Born in Silicon Valley, home of Uber, Facebook, Google, etc., RealScout offers a revolutionary technology that combines the standard search criteria with lifestyle options. Next time you search for a 3 Bed/3 Bath home near XYZ school, you can now add , "near a Starbucks" or "lots of trees" and get a refined search like no other.

Feedback from Consumers and Realtors alike is extremely positive. The entire search experience provides a safe platform of accurate data that never leaves you questioning whether the dream home you just found is still on the market.

Okay, now it's time for you to get access to this cool program! Right now, take a second, and visit your phone's app store and search for "RealScout Home Search"; get the app. Set up your profile, select Nikki or Troy Onda as your preferred agent (of course) and experience the pleasure of searching for your next home. On your desktop, visit .

Happy House Hunting!

Troy & Nikki

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