Best Garage Door Opener - A Personal Review Of Sommer

It's time to start recommending our favorite home products, and our first one is sure to impress. Enter SOMMER.


We recently purchased this German made opener and are now spoiled. Unlike other motors, this unit attaches right up against the door/weight and slides back and forth along the rail. Have you looked closely at your opener lately? Listen to it's operation and watch how the chain and springs function. SOMMER uses a fixed chain and is incredibly quiet. So quiet in fact, that we make a point to bring people in our garage just to hear it operate. Nerds, right?!


The remote is so small it can fit on your keychain; it's literally a few inches long. Personally, we clip ours to the visor like any other opener remote.

Let's get to the highlights of this worthwhile purchase.

  • German Made

  • Lifetime Warranty On All Parts

  • Maintenance Free

  • Silent Operation With Smooth Start & Stop Function

Check out this video showing our personal garage with the SOMMER. The only sound you hear is our door creaking, you'll smile every time the button is pressed.

There are a few different models within the Sommer Series. We personally bought the Synoris 550 model for both garage bays and are happy with our choice. If you are thinking of making the switch, make sure to find a reputable installer that works with these on a regular basis. If you need a good northern Colorado resource, we can provide the company name who installed ours.


Hope you enjoyed this product recommendation, it was a fun post to share! Be sure to check out their website at .

Your Realtors,

Troy & Nikki

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