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Don't Tell People You Are From California

Don't Tell People You're From California...

This was the advice given to a sweet, retired couple relocating to Colorado trying to be closer to family. Surprisingly, this isn't the first time I've heard this.

Drive down any main artery and you will see a plethora of out-of-state license plates. Texas, California, New Jersey, Wyoming, North Dakota, Indiana, and the list goes on.

Welcome to living in a destination city.

In a recent 2017 study looking at “inbound” US migration patterns, Colorado doesn’t make the top 5 but isn't too far behind.

Let's talk about being a “native”. I’ll start by letting you know that I’m married to one. She was born at PVH and has lived in Fort Collins her entire life - truly born and raised. I’ve come to learn she’s an anomaly. Most residents aren’t true natives; they have either migrated from another state years ago (like me in 1994) or were born in another Colorado city and eventually settled here.

The positives of our diverse population greatly outweigh the negatives if you look at the whole picture. And, for those reading who might think my profession is the basis of my opinion, the beneficial impact within our community goes way beyond selling homes to new arrivals - look deeper. Ha! 31/250 words wasted on my defense:).

Bottomline, Fort Collins is attractive for many reasons. Let’s give everyone the opportunity to find their place without the nonsensical worry of stating where they are from.


We are, collectively, what make this city great, period.


Troy C. Onda


Letter to the Editor, submitted on June 23, 2018

Coloradoan Newspaper

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